Celebrating Six Years of NFL Dick Jokery

06.27.12 6 years ago 131 Comments

Six years ago, I had two shitty jobs that I worked 65 hours a week because neither was enough to keep me afloat in New York City. Big Daddy Drew was a new father who worked at an advertising agency in Maryland, Unsilent Majority worked for his dad, Monday Morning Punter was — I think — working tech support in South Carolina, Christmas Ape was a young journalist (!) at the Washington Post, and flubby was an anonymous lawyer. We were all Deadspin commenters back when Deadspin was a normal-looking blog written by Will Leitch and no one else. For months we burned through our work days making jokes about Matt Leinart and Carl Monday, and then on June 26th, 2006, we launched a little Blogspot site called Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Times change, and KSK has, too. I make YouTube videos for SB Nation now. Drew Magary is full-time at Gawker with a side gig at GQ, where he writes cover profiles about Justin Bieber (NBD). Jack Kogod met his wife through our fantasy football league, and he has a nice side gig of sports writing (Sarah’s not too bad at it, either). Josh Zerkle is the lead NFL writer for a company that was just sold for 200 million dollars. And Mike Tunison, former southern Maryland beat writer, now helms this here football blog full-time. (flubby is still an anonymous lawyer, and he prefers it that way.)

For all six of us, no matter where we go, this place is home.That’s an odd thing: to call a blog home, to think of a web address as a physical location. But home is where you come from, where your family is, where your friends time and again spend their Monday nights drinking by themselves and commenting on your live-blog even after Twitter has made that particular medium obsolete. It’s a community. And despite some changes over the years — acquiring our Uproxx step-parents, members of our family moving away to other places — we’re still here and dedicated to the same things we’ve always loved: NFL-related chicanery, animal death porn, tittays, and the never-ending search for new swear words.

Whether you’ve been reading since Day 1 or just yesterday, thank you for being a part of our little corner of the Internet. Maybe you were just looking to waste some time, but you helped all of us find a better path in life than the one we were on.

— Drew, Jack, Josh, Matt, Mike, and flubby (and Footsteps Falco, maybe, somewhere)

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