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11.20.14 3 years ago 725 Comments

"Stay in Oakland so this child can suffer more!"

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"Stay in Oakland so this child can suffer more!"

The Raiders are going to have a bunch of their Hall of Famers on hand to honor Ray Guy this evening, so it should be extra fun for the current roster to fall to 0-11 in front of them.

Now that there’s already been one 0-16 team, the novelty isn’t quite there same watching another team plunge into the darkest abyss an NFL team can find. That said, if you dislike the Raiders, which most everyone does, there’s plenty of joy to be had in history matching failure.

Including tonight, Oakland only has six games today and prospect don’t look super great for them finding their first victory. The Raiders’ game in St. Louis in Week 13 marks their only remaining contest against a team that is currently under .500.

The Chiefs-Raiders series gets crammed into the space of four weeks this season. The teams meet again in Arrowhead in Week 15. If the Raiders are looking to steal an upset over their division rival, they didn’t land on the best time. Kansas City has won five in a row, the most recent victory being against the defending Super Bowl champs on Sunday.

That win over the Seahawks was certainly a brutal affair that could still be taking its toll on Chiefs players, though that’s probably true in most cases for any team playing on Thursday night. Kansas City’s defense is, as they say, FOR REAL, but the offense is pretty much as it’s been since Alex Smith arrived: an occasionally efficient checkdown factory. There are seven receivers in the NFL right now that have more yards than the entire Chiefs receiving corps. Lucky for them, they have Jamaal Charles leading a fourth-best rushing attack.

Of course, if the Chiefs do somehow blow this tonight, many will claim that they were just looking ahead to the Broncos next week. I’m positive that wouldn’t be giving enough credit to the Raiders, who have played the Patriots, Seahawks and Chargers twice to one-score games, but that’s the problem when you’re 0-10. No one cares enough to be fair to you.

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