America Deserves To Have Its Head Rammed Into A Driver Side Window

07.06.12 6 years ago 112 Comments

Some people say I’m too hard on Chris Brown. Some people say I should find it in my heart to look past him beating up a woman. Those people won’t enjoy what I’m going to say here.

F*ck each and every single person that helped make Fortune the number one album in the country. F*ck them with a sulfuric acid ninja star. Want to know why? Because Chris Brown has used some backshitwards Svengali technique to convince himself and America that he’s somehow the victim. That ramming Rihanna’s head into his car somehow did some disservice to him and his pursuit of giving the world abhorrent “music.”

Here’s a timeline of his notable accomplishments since beating up a woman.

1. Took a speedboating sex trip with Rihanna.
2. Wore a powder blue suit on Larry King and talked about people that are opposed to violence against women. Or as he called them, “haters.”
3. Twitpic’d his community service jumpsuit for the lulz.
4. Performed at the BET awards.
5. Complained because his album didn’t get enough publicity.
6. Performed at the BET awards.
7. Showed how much he was past his prior transgressions by losing his temper and punching things on “Good Morning America” after being asked about punching things.
8. Called Raz B a f*ggot.
9. Performed at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.
10. Made a rap song calling the woman he beat up a hoe.
11. Sent the world a picture of a small cut on his chin he got from a sissy fight with Drake as if he were the victim of an assault.
12. Performed at the BET Awards again.

I say all of that to say this: Chris Brown is basically a guy that beat up a woman, then went about his life as if it never happened while the rest of the world enabled him. I honestly haven’t seen someone that’s changed in any way or shown true remorse. Of course all of this is accentuated by the fact that Rihanna has allegedly allowed him to anger bang her whenever he feels like it.

And now he has the top album in the country.

For some, this is a redemption story. For me, this is about a guy that’s been allowed to skate by for three years with little punishment while a large segment of the country (namely the part of the country that deals with domestic violence at alarming rates) supports him and buys his albums like he’s some antihero for the people.

This is all especially enlightening after yesterday’s Frank Ocean debate. While readers were questioning if they’d listen to Frank Ocean’s album after he came out knowing he’s talking about a guy, 150,000 people are jamming out to a guy singing about women whose faces he may or may not bash in.

I honestly don’t care how many people are still Chris Brown fans. Instead of trying to change people’s opinions, I’m just stating mine. Am I biased? You damn right I am and I couldn’t care less. I have three sisters, a wife, three nieces, female best friends, a mom and a daughter. And some of them have had to deal with the effects of domestic violence. So as a guy that loves those females in my life: F*ck Chris Brown, people that assault women and anyone that bought Fortune.


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