Colts Fans Confirm Already Previously Confirmed Status As Fat Whiny Humps

12.09.09 8 years ago 101 Comments

HEAVENS! We took a brief break from consistently hating on the rival Patriots to bust on your precious Colts. WHAT INEFFABLE GALL!

Yes, the oversensitive reactionary f*ckstains from Stampede Blue have lost their rag once again because someone somewhere uttered a negative word (EVEN IN JEST) about the Land of Sh*t Irsay Fiddlers. For those keeping count, this is the third time Stampede, which takes the bronze in the Dipsh*t Sports Blog Decathlon (gotta work harder to beat Bleacher Report and The Big Lead, guys), has dramatically overreacted to a stupid dig I’ve written about their favorite team on a humor blog. Transparent ploy for traffic? Misdirected attempt at flattery? Oxygen to brain cut off by calcified pork deposits?


What’s the most irritating thing about this post? That they assume Drew wrote it? (in fairness, Drew writes everything on the Internet, even your e-mails) That they say “some of the writers at KSK are Redskins fans” while “a few KSK writers also hail from Cincinnati”? You forgot the three dozen of us in New York! And the cast of thousands chained to laptops in the Pontaic Silverdome! WHO DO YOU THINK BOUGHT THAT THING?

No. The worst comes in the fulsome praise for Most Annoying KSK Commenter Monkey Business in the thread that follows. Which means being a braying, overly earnest, long-winded cheerleading slapdick is some sort of wondrous ideal to which all Colts fans aspire.

Listen, Stampede Blue. We saw that Jim Sorgi just went on IR, so enjoy your team’s success for now, because your boys are DOOMED, DOOMED, DOOMED!

/also they always lose their first playoff game

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