Crew Love: The February Edition

02.29.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

The second month of 2012 is in the books and, surprise, surprise, we’re still digesting music at nauseating paces around these parts. For those unfamiliar with the concept of Crew Love, know these two things. One, we’ve been at this long before Drizzy and The Weeknd made it sound cool on Take Care. And two, it’s basically what we’ve been playing all month and never had the opportunity to present them on the site.
Get it? Got it? Good. And if you don’t, just follow the slides and act like you’ve been here before and feel free to drop whatever songs you’ve been blasting in the gym, car and anywhere in between in the comment section. You’re part of “The Crew” too, ya know?
Chip Tha Ripper – “Pull Up Slow” — Before Chip got buddy-buddy with Kid Cudi and Chuck Inglish, his swag was much meaner. Case in point: “Pull Up Slow,” a buried treasure of a song that showcases stupid-cocky lyrics and a low, thumping beat. The only direction this track goes is in. — AJ

Chip Tha Ripper – “Pull Up Slow”
At The Drive-In – “Pattern Against User” — ATDI lead singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala condemns “slam dancing” (“slam dancing” is when a bunch of white kids flail their arms and legs like car dealership blow-up dolls at punk shows). That’s hard to believe because ATDI tunes like “Pattern Against User” were made for it: fast, aggressive and slit-your-throat rambunctious. Telling concert attendees not to slam dance is like advocating blue balls. — Ryan J.

At The Drive-In – “Pattern Against User”
MOD SUN feat. Schoolboy Q – “Tye Dye Everything” — Quick: Is this a hip-hop song or an activity from Lamb Chops? “Tye Dye Everything” just seems like endless fun to be a part of at a live show. I just imagine a crowd going apesh*t while throwing paint at each other. — David D.

MOD SUN feat. Schoolboy Q – “Tye Dye Everything”
The Notorious B.I.G. – “10 Crack Commandments” — A recent story I overheard confirms Biggie’s “step-by-step-booklet” was not read by every person who coin themselves a “hustler.” Some of this stuff, you would think, is common knowledge. Too bad “common knowledge” is more expensive than gas these days though. Talk to ’em, B.I.G. Someday they’ll understand. — J. Tinsley

The Notorious B.I.G. – “10 Crack Commandments”
Zapp & Roger – “Doo Wa Ditty” — Harmonicas don’t make their way into my stereo very often. However, with so many ear-appealing elements to Roger & Co.’s hoe-down-friendly dance party, this country bounce always gets an exception. — BEWARE

Zapp & Roger – “Doo Wa Ditty”
Short Dawg – “Kush & Codeine” – “Kush & Codeine” may not be a fresh concept, but the way SD’s able to combine a punchline heavy style with a laid-back southern drawl and a hint of the harmony & melody is something to take note of. This same character trait made guys like Z-Ro & Devin The Dude H-Town legends. Short Dawg could very well be the next Jeremy Lin, sitting on the end of the YMCMB bench, waiting for a chance to get in the game. — AmpGeez

Short Dawg – “Kush & Codeine”

Sign II Mine Ent – “I’m From the F-M-T” — I had to check out the first and only record (to my knowledge) putting on for my hometown. Unfortunately the song is one of those that’s so bad it’s hilarious: especially the horribly inaccurate representation of the city. It’s like they said “Hey, we got a bunch of dudes, some joints and a camera. Let’s go shoot a rap video.” And yet, I can’t turn my eyes away. — Raj
Kid Cudi – “GHOST!”“Yeahh wahhhh wahhhhhh Yeahh wahhhh wahhhhhh Yeah…My name is Scott Mescudi.” And my name is Gotty™ and I love to let my voice warble alongside Cudi’s on this one. – Gotty™

Kid Cudi – “GHOST!”
Jamie xx – “Beat For” — Sticking your nose up to electronic music and all it’s sub-genres is what’s hot in these e-streets. Lord knows I’m guilty since I’m not down with the Skrillex/Deadmau5 movement. I have my limits, like anyone else, and Jamie xx’s smooth approach plays to my senses pretty well. — S. Cadet

Jamie xx – “Beat For”
Witchdoctor – “Holiday” — While working on this Best of Organized Noize mixtape I’ve re-listened to as many Dungeon Family albums as I can find, especially enjoying A S.W.A.T. Healing Ritual. Witchdoctor is a lot of folks’ underrated favorite and, although it wasn’t produced by ONP, this track is a great example of why. Plus I got this 12” in L.A. last week for 33 cents. Can’t beat that. — Trackstar the DJ

Witchdoctor – “Holiday”

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