Demaryius Thomas And Eric Decker Have Nicknamed Themselves ‘Black & Decker’

01.10.13 5 years ago 51 Comments

Despite the persistent Peyton Manning fluffing from the media, we here at KSK have had a harder time hating the Broncos with Pey-Pey than we had hating the Colts with Pey-Pey. We’re not sure exactly why that is, but it just is. We’re sure that will quickly change if the Broncos win a Super Bowl with Peyton, however.

One factor that works in the Broncos favor for the purposes of likeability is that the roster beyond Peyton Manning is a fairly enjoyable bunch. You’ve got tumbling blipster Von Miller. And there are wide receivers Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, who have taken to calling themselves Black & Decker, as though they were a cross-racial action duo from the ’80s. Or a well-known manufacturer of appliances and power tools, I suppose.

The revelation comes from a Rick Reilly piece so thanks are due to the folks at Reddit for doing the dirty business of reading Reilly and spotting the tidbit.

There’s been a lot to talk about. How Thomas went from 32 catches for 551 yards with Tebow (and Kyle Orton) at QB last year to 94 catches for 1,434 yards with Manning this year. How thrilled he is to finally make it through a regular season without getting hurt (he says it’s the praying). And how a white teammate from the far north, Eric Decker, has become best friend to a black kid from Georgia. (“Black and Decker,” they like to call themselves.)

Yes, that’s pretty awesome. And since we already know that Peyton Manning is a MacBook, the Broncos offense is a his and hers clothing section away from being an upscale department store.

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