Diggy Simmons – “Digg Is Like”

12.20.10 7 years ago 13 Comments

Remember what happened the last time Young Digs got hold of a beat previously wrecked by Nasir? Atlantic Records opened their checkbook to acquire his services nearly a week later. With Saint Nick preparing to commit his yearly home invasions later this week, Diggy’s audible treats on December 23 in the form of his #PastPresentsFuture mixtape is that gift your parents always let you open early.

Credit the young man for having some courage. Not many would bother attempting to hijack Nas and Preemo’s “Nas Is Like” for their own personal field day. With bars for days and charisma through the roof, I’m not ashamed to say the young man more than held his own and even has me thinking of what he would actually sound like over production of this kind more frequently. It’s going to be interesting to see what 2011 has mapped out for his solo career. I kind of get the feeling people still don’t take him seriously, which is a challenge the young man should more than willing to embrace.

In the meantime, however, leave the “ghostwriters” claims at the door until proven otherwise. Like I said last year, Diggy Simmons can rap. No bullshit.


Diggy Simmons – “Digg Is Like”

Respect: LOTJS

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