Jackie Chain x Nick Catchdubs – After Hours Mixtape

02.08.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Y’know the nighttime is the right time to get involved in all sorts of G’d up wackiness and adult activities. Whether it’s wolves or vampy bloodsuckers that rise up when the moon reveals its glow to the world, Jackie Chain will remain in his usual demeanor: cool, grinning and ready to beat the block up with his pimpish ways. After much anticipation, Jackie finally scoops Nick Catchdubs in his Caddy, disregards the speed limit and hoots like a night owl with the After Hours mixtape.

With DJ Burn One and Block Beattaz on the boards and Gangsta’s Gibbs and Boo in the speakers, the commute to your club is now complain — after you download this nightcap. Yessir.

Download — Jackie Chain & Nick Catchdubs – After Hours

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