YP x DJ Timbuck2 – Still Awake Mixtape

10.29.11 6 years ago

Riding around at 1 a.m. to an impromptu listening session isn’t the most ideal way to absorb new music, but YP’s Still Awake was constructed precisely for such occasions. In just a little over a year, the young player you probably slept on the last time around managed to do something a lot of indie rappers fail to accomplish – he honed his craft and got better.

With the lines of mixtape and LP merging by the millisecond, YP’s latest plays like an album, peppering witty one-liners alongside purposeful interludes over cold steel production. Directed by DJ Timbuck2, the NoDoz and AMP’s are in high abundance because YP knows more than your average upstart that sleep’s cousin is nobody’s friend. Turn your alarm clocks up and check out what he has to say.

Download — YP & DJ Timbuck2 – Still Awake Mixtape | Stream

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