Event Recap: Drake’s “So Far Gone” Tour In Atlanta

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If you’re here for the footage, it’s all after the jump. The rest of y’all, read on.

Mixed reactions surround any discussion on Drake. On the one hand, we have those that consider him the future of Hip-Hop. On the other, there are skeptics. Not to be confused with naysayers, or haters, these are the folks that are yet to be convinced that this man is worth his weight in laurels.

Despite all the buzz and acclaim he’d garnered along with the fact that I liked a song or two, I still couldn’t take this cat seriously (*cough*Degrassi*cough*) and I was not alone….or so I thought. But when Drake sold out his Atlanta show in about five hours, it was clear that he had gotten too big to ignore.

Before the show, BkJaxon, Kaos and I joked on the about how the line wrapping around the block was laced with tight pants and smedium tees. I asked the all-knowing Kaos: “Uh…d’you know Danny! is the opening act?”

“Maaaan, who the Hell is Danny!?”

Everyone — security, promoters, media — was clueless about who this dude was. Apparently he’s pretty established on the international scene and had an album out last year that NBC loved. But as an old lady in Brooklyn once told a Priest on a subway, “Niggas don’t wanna hear that shit.”

The fans were there for Drake. Nobody had the mental capacity to take time to get to know this slanky, dark-skinded, surprisingly dapper brother. As a result homie got BOO’ED the Hell home. He tried to impress…but was bested by the crowd in the worst way.

Jaspects were the next act, and they were determined not to get the same treatment. But when five brothers walk on stage in vests, button ups, neck ties, jeans and converses — all matching — with brass wind instruments ranging from trumpets to whatever else they had there, one could almost feel the crowd take deep breaths, preparing to let out even bigger boos.

NOPE. These cats rocked it. Surprised everyone.

I’ve never listened to them before but their live show is on point. If you get a chance to peep them in your city, do so and thank me later.

Then, right before the man of the hour went on, an announcement came on that Chucky was about to get on stage. For those who don’t know, this is Chucky.

No, Lil’ Wayne did not get a mini-me….no, wait, he did. Very entertaining young cat with great command of the stage. Littler Wayne had the crowd rocking. He kept it short (no pun) and then proceeded to yield the floor to Drake’s DJ Future who spun some slow jams and warmed the crowd ladies up.

Then that familiar Coldplay sample began to play.


And with that question, it was on. The screams heard every time he gave the audience time to breathe would lead any sane person to believe Godzilla was about to stomp the room.


What you don’t see in the videos is how well meshed the whole concert was. The flow was seamless; the transitions and even the overly simplistic light show were all synchronized and timed perfectly. I’m pretty sure no one but myself noticed when one of the mics went out, because the man handled it like any of his seniors would have.


It is no secret that Drake came there primarily for the ladies. The Usher cameo and the R’n’B set were proof positive. While the ladies were watching those two fools, I noticed Esther Baxter low-keying in V.I.P. Teyana Taylor was also on stage hiding out with her “I clean up good” look on.


Other A-to-D-List celebs were in attendance, but nobody seemed to give a crap. All eyes were on the self-proclaimed “high-yellow wheelchair ass nigga from Toronto.” And they stayed glued to him for the full 45 minutes until he finally ceded his throne, only to return for the cliche encore. Except in this case everyone wanted him back on stage.


…and the crowd went ape-shit. Wayne would’ve been proud.

As for me, I walked out of there no longer a Drake hater. I had high standards and expectations, and he surpassed them. Skepticism surrounds him, as far as artistry and talent go, wherever he treads. But all I know is I will no longer be contributing to that skepticism. He’s got a lot going for him and if this show was an indication of his potential, I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

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