Lupe Reminds Fan Of His Multiple Black Belts After Fan Throws Glow Stick At His Head

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04.08.13 24 Comments

A fan decided to test Lupe Fiasco’s gangsta over the weekend when the rapper was performing at the University of Cincinnati. During a performance of “Kick Push,” Lupe was pelted in the head with a glow stick by a “jerk” looking “five minutes of fame.”

In the video posted below, we see Lupe stop the show to address the fan and anyone else who wanted to “throw some sh*t.”

“Listen. Hold on, y’all. Hold on. Two seconds and we’ll get back to the show. Listen, I know you a jerk…and that’s cool. I know that you came here and ya thought, ‘hey, I’ma get a little shine. I’ma throw some sh*t at Lupe and hit him in the face.’ But! Let me remind you of something. You see this waist? This waist right here? Yeah, this waist right here? There used to be four black belts around this waist.

“So listen! Everybody that wanna throw some sh*t, kindly step over to the side of the stage and I’ll give you five good minutes of fame. And then I’ll take whatever I’ll make from this show to make sure to bail your broken up ass outta jail.

“In the immortal words of Jay-Z, ‘it ain’t a movie, dog! Don’t get f*cked up!'”

Lupe’s martial arts background isn’t a hidden talent but may not be widely known. According to a 2008 interview with methodshop, he has a black belt in karate, two black belts Samurai sword styles and one other black belt in Chinese Wushu.

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