Great Moments In Lede Writing History: Alex Marvez

11.18.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

Okay, journalism students, let’s try a quick exercise. 34 more NFL players have been placed on injured reserve through 10 weeks this season compared to the same period last year. This has happened in the context of the league and the players union being at a standoff over the idea to expand the regular season to 18 games. I want ledes and I want ’em punchy. Bring the reader into the story. senior NFL writer Alex Marvez! I don’t know what you’re doing in a rudimentary journalism class, but let’s see what you’ve got.

Roger Goodell’s heart is in the right place.

Unfortunately, too many body parts of NFL players aren’t.

Whoa, watch it, folks! Word wizard comin’ through. He’s magically transported me to Elysian Fields of lush imagery where random appendages belonging to Leonard Weaver, DeMeco Ryans and Aaron Kampman are scattered about.

Notice how each sentence is its own self-contained paragraph, so as to draw extra attention to the virtuosic wordsmithery on display. That’s great hack hustle! I will say it’s a shame there are no NFL players with the last name McGreg. I’ll just have to settle for a horrible Kelly Gregg injury instead.

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