Grip Plyaz: The Man Behind The Music

12.28.10 7 years ago 8 Comments


Everyone has a story, albeit positive or negative, interesting or boring, fulfilled or still in progress. For Grip Plyaz, his story represents one able to transcend across multiple boundaries. The “underground” Hip-Hop scene loves him and holds an unfathomable amount of admiration for him. The skateboard scene sees buddy as one of their own and he doesn’t even skate.

Those familiar with the back pages of TSS now know Grip makes constant appearances around these neck of the woods. Purp, Wind & Fire has been in the air for quite some time now, but credible sources promise the liberation is nearing its time. That’s all well and good because a carefully prepared home cooked meal touches the soul far more extensively than a fast food run. While a prelude to the project has already been done, a further look into who the man Grip Plyaz is has not.

Thanks to Chilly-O, the three part Purp, Wind & Fire documentary sheds light on one of Atlanta’s most promising upstarts. Weaved in between well placed performance scenes, 4th Ward’s finest explains why he is who he is and others eagerly explain why he’s so well respected in a city known for its musical history. Hopefully our track record is certified by now, so cosigning something lackluster doesn’t fit our billing. Click play and learn yourself something.

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