Happy 62nd Birthday, Stevie Wonder

05.13.12 6 years ago 14 Comments

As it relates to Stevie Wonder turning 62 years young today, I hold these three truths to be self evident:

1. The man is truly one of the great treasures this country – no, better yet, world – has ever produced.

2. Songs In The Key Of Life is on God’s iPod.

3. To some extent, Stevie has influenced every groundbreaking performer who followed him, living or dead.

The past week has been mentally taxing and one of the few saving graces which kept me from having a nervous breakdown was Stevie’s cut, “Love’s In Need Of Love Today.” Symbolizing the tranquility of the emotion and more so diagnosing the world’s ultimate need, this seven minute clip spans far beyond the normal parameters of what a song normally represents. It’s a church service without feeling overly preachy. It’s stern lesson without coming off too overbearing. And more than anything else, it’s a seven minute therapy session offering insight to a country finding itself in transition both politically and culturally.

Thirty-six years later, we’re in the same boat headlined by a highly critical presidential election in arms reach; just further proof certain records have no expiration date because music, in its purest form, will always run parallel to our everyday lives. Happy birthday to one of the few living icons left in the world, Mr. Stevie Wonder.

Stevie Wonder – “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”

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