Hopsin – “Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5”

07.18.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

It’s been a one year to the day since we saw what was going on inside that demented mind of Hopsin and today’s his birthday again, so in celebration he let loose his fifth installment of “Ill Mind of Hopsin.” While last time he controversially went in on Tyler and OFWGKTA, now he doesn’t appear to diss anybody in particular but rather various groups of people (rappers included), so if the shoe fits, Hopsin’s coming after you.

“Ill Mind of Hopsin 5” is five minutes of intricate venting that put on a dazzling display of Hop’s many versatile flows and personalities. He’s the cornerstone of Funk Volume and if you still think he’s just a gimmicky rapper, this record should change your mind. Yes, I’ll concede that on the surface his music can look attention whore-y but the bottom line is that the man can rap circles around the vast majority of his peers, he just has his own unique way of doing so.

Happy Birthday Marcus!

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