Eminem, 50 Cent & Vinny Chase Explain “How To Make Money Selling Drugs”

08.02.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

The only factory that remains is the drug trade…and they’re hiring. They’re the only people hiring. – David Simon, co-creator of The Wire

As we watch our Olympic athletes parade around the country that birthed these United States wearing clothing made in China while filming the festivities on smartphones and cameras made in China, Taiwan and Scandinavia and other locales throughout the world, we should be greeted with the harsh reminder that the self-described “greatest country in the world” no longer makes anything. Actually, that’s not entirely true. America is still a worldwide leader in the creation and consumption of mind-altering substances. Even now, as the prices on hard drugs like heroin and cocaine have dropped precipitously in the past 20 years, you can still make a shitload of money selling drugs if you do it right.

Writer/director Matthew Cooke and producer Adrian “Vinny Chase” Grenier, steer you toward the path to financial solvency with their documentary How To Make Money Selling Drugs. Through interviews with drug dealers, lobbyists, cops and Hip-Hop luminaries like Russell Simmons, 50 Cent and Eminem, the viewer gets a panoramic view of the conditions that allow selling drugs to continue on as a profitable enterprise. Take a look at the trailer, and remember the lesson taught to us by the late, great Frank White: never get high on your own supply.

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