How To Sell A Million Records Like Lady Gaga

06.01.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

Neilsen’s SoundScan is in for the week and the most notable is the always newsworthy Lady Gaga who managed to accomplish a feat only 16 others have done — selling a million copies in the first week. Gaga’s Born This Way actually tops out at 1,108,000 copies sold making it the highest first week total since 2005. Of course, Amazon MP3 should receive partial credit after they decided to ride Gaga’s fame and tied the album’s release in with the announcement of their new Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player with a $0.99 purchase price for the full digital album.

The move generated an estimated 400K+ in sales and Amazon opted to run the promo on their own accord. In a roundabout way, they potentially lost money because the company still has to pay Interscope the standard rate for each unit sold. However, imagine the traffic and attention their new services received in the new cloud competition with Google (Music Beta) and Apple (iCloud) both announcing similar services. What they lost could be repaid tenfold in consumer awareness moving forward. Coincidentally, the album could have sold more if the Cloud hadn’t hit a snag and crashed last week.

For the record, who released the 2005 album that sold more? That would be 50’s The Massacre, of course. Think there are there any current rappers who Amazon or others could partner with and employ a similar strategy?


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