Jags’ new practice facility is food court-y

05.30.12 6 years ago 18 Comments

With Tropical Storm Beryl making everything in Jacksonville all wet and mushy, the Jaguars were forced to conduct some indoor practices. Being the Jaguars, they don’t have a fancy indoor practice facility (or poles to hold up the tarps they use to cover their upper deck seats, or even a gym membership), so they packed up their shit and practiced on the club level at GenericBank Field.

Blaine Gabbert’s footwork has to be perfect or else he’ll run right in to the condiment island.

The “you break it you bought it” policy means that Blaine Gabbert is the proud new owner of three busted televisions.

Everybody agreed that it was a creative solution, although players were annoyed that they had to purchase season tickets in order to gain access to the West Touchdown Club. But hey, loaded dogs!

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