Live Stream: Jay-Z’s Last Show At The Barclays Center

10.06.12 5 years ago 43 Comments

On my list of things to do before entering the big, never-ending concert in the sky, an item perched near the top is to attend a Jay-Z concert live. Friends, friends of friends, associates and everyone in between who’ve had the pleasure have all said the same thing. No one in rap delivers like Jay on stage. Soon cometh, item number 34 gets crossed off the proverbial bucket list. Kind of sort of.

Blue Ivy’s daddy closes up shop tonight at the house he helped build in what is his final show at the Barclays Center. For those who procrastinated too long on purchasing tickets or live nowhere near Brooklyn – like myself – Jay and the people around him are doing us all a favor by streaming the entire concert live on the new Life+Times YouTube channel. With it being the last show before Deron, Joe Johnson, Kris Humphries and the gang get down to business on the hardwood, expect Hov to go out with a bang running through a catalog of hits truly one of a kind.

One song I’d pay good money to see him perform live? Ok, two. “It’s On” with Beanie Sigel which unfortunately cannot happen for a variety of reasons. And the second, “Welcome To New York City” with Cam probably because Killa called him “Fraggle Rock” a few years back.

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