Watch These Chicago Kids #RiseAbove Their Conditions

07.27.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Choosing to strike a match instead of damning the dark is always admirable in words and theory but harder to achieve in practice when the odds are stacked against you. And if Chicago’s the community you call home, those odds increase tenfold. Yet, obstacles are meant to be overcome and that’s what’s showcased here by Jordan Brand in the “Conditions” installment from their Rise Above series.

The Windy City’s violent plagued plight is one we’ve visited on several occasions, most recently with Lupe’s tear-filled video interview yesterday. Still, there are those within the city’s borders – adults and kids – who haven’t given up hope for a better tomorrow and they realize change comes through action and options. And in the Little Village section, the action was to create “B-Ball On The Block” and shut down the streets, set up portable goals and make a space where the kids could play in a safe environment.

That’s not to say that a basketball or sports can save all kids. But, again, it’s better to strike at least one match, right?

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