Kanye West is Tracy Jordan

09.27.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

John Harper discovered something on Friday.  If you take any of Kanye West’s tweets and add “Liz Lemon” to it, he becomes Tracy Jordan.  This led to plenty of tweets (some of them below), a new hashtag — #kanyeistracyjordan — and has spawned at least four parody accounts so far (Kanye_Jordan, TracyKWJordan, KanyeJordan, and HeyLizLemon). Hey, I’m happy for y’all and imma let you finish, but GaryJBusey is the greatest parody account of all time.

(click pictures to enlarge)

There were a couple I didn’t see in the #kanyeistracyjordan real time results, so we added them:

And Funny or Die went one better and added the tweets to pictures of Tracy Morgan (more of those here).

Yo, I’m happy for y’all, but Kanye New Yorker Tweets are the best Kanye Twitter meme of all time.

[via Reddit]

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