Kids Do The Darndest Speed Drills

02.29.12 6 years ago 22 Comments

I’m not a super breeder like Drew or flubby, so I wouldn’t know for sure, but I’d imagine one of the persistent challenges of parenting, at least in the early years, is finding an outlet for all that annoying boundless energy that kids have. To that end, this dad is doing all right. He gets to watch some NFL Combine while his daughter tires herself out emulating what she sees on the screen. Plus, it’s more entertaining than watching stupid Rich Eisen run the 40.

She seems like a prime candidate for this NFL trainer game they sell for Wii. I haven’t tried it and I’m assuming it sucks, but it’s likely a sound way to indoctrinate your kids into the righteous belief that video games and football are awesome. And if you play your cards right, dads with multiple kids can pit their kids against each other in Oklahoma drills. If you think that last part is a bad idea, then I’m sorry, you can’t join the Christmas Ape Unfit To Raise Children Club.

[via Goal-Line Stand]

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