Kill! Kill! Kill!: Now You’re A Mom! A Mom, Mom, Mom!

04.06.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

Since I nabbed two horrible mismatches in the celebrity fight draft, it only makes sense that I would continue with the theme in this week’s Kill! Kill! Kill! post. And so we have a tiger stalking a wild boar, which I would presume is a match-up that heavily favors the tiger, though this narrator claims that he’s more frightened of boars than of tigers. Whatever buddy, some people are scared of spiders. Doesn’t means they’re winning a fight against a tiger.

It’s a mostly well-done clip, though I think the same guy who directed The Hunger Games is responsible for this. The camera work is steady until the moment when the tiger strikes, when everything all of a sudden becomes shaky and indecipherable. You robbed us of our money shot, dickhead. Next thing you know, the tiger is munching of the neck of downed boar. The tiger then proceeds to leave it there, knowing nobody is gonna mess with her kill. LIKE A BAWSE.

Actually, I think the end quote is my favorite part:

“This really is her territory now. I think she’s ready to be a mother.”

That’s like the cryptic final line that an arthouse movie would end on. Anyway, more people should be required to kill before they can reproduce. It’s probably the best solution for overpopulation I’ve heard yet.

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