KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Save Room For This Philadelphia Thanksgiving Classic

11.23.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Because only KSK is good enough to give you leftovers before the holiday…

– Spotted by reader Brendan at what I can only presume was Sunday night’s game. Though I must say that’s an alarming disregard of portion control. According to the FDA, an entire bag of dicks contains as many as 12 servings. A heart smart suggestion: Start with a handful of dicks. If you’re still hungry after that, fill up on ass roughage.

– Just as Tim Tebow shows that there’s no finer way to venerate Your Lord and Ball and Chain, Jesus Christ, than to pretend He’s your wife, there’s no better way to honor Tebow than with a hulking back tattoo, replete with XTREME SERIFS. Those things are pretty sharp. You could probably smite God’s option offense naysaying enemies with them. [via]

– Behold the triumphant girlish squeals of Fitzmagic. Probably gonna be a lot fewer of these now that Fred Jackson is likely done for the season. [via]

– Michael Strahan’s “FOX NFL Sunday “colleagues surprised him on Monday with a gap-toothed cake to celebrate his 40th birthday. FOX employees tried this once with Condi Rice, but Pat Robertson turned getting the gap piece into a racial thing.

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