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08.30.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

The NFL announced the replacement refs will work at least through the Week 1 regular season games, ensuring more officiating clusterf*cks like the above four-minute-long hashing out of a single play from last night’s Patriots-Giants preseason game. I was at an event at the NFLPA offices last night, and they had Scott Green there, obviously to emphasize that the players union has common cause with the that of the officials. Seeing him in street clothes, I wanted to run up to him and yell, “Where are the zebra stripes? Put them on. You’ve got to get out there. WE NEED YOU!” Instead, I stood around and ate a bunch of wings, which was probably just as helpful.

— Gronk has a big feature in Sports Illustrated for their NFL preview, in which he told the magazine he and his brothers’ mantra for working out is “do it to get chicks!” In other news, Gronk has to be sadder than anyone who actually likes football that the off-season is over.

— Tim Tebow will not be the surprise guest speaker at the Republican National Convention this evening, as some had suspected. The RNC will just have to find someone else to hold forth on abortions and this blasted separation of church and state. I trust they can.

— Meanwhile, Rex Ryan excused 19 Jets players from practice on Wednesday so they could attend a leadership training seminar. I assume this is being done so the team has a uniform voice and a single spokesman when they decide to blame Sanchez for another failed season.

— A rare example of Jaguars boosterism or one grocery store’s elaborate attempt to break into the mustache rides market? You be the judge.

— The Dolphins team plane clipped another aircraft while preparing to fly back to Miami from Dallas. That’s the last time they let Jimmy Buffett fly the plane.

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