KSK Mock Draft: Viral Pets (Not the ‘Outbreak’ Kind)

03.02.12 6 years ago 82 Comments

Somehow this monkey went undrafted, so he can be yours in the comments.

This week we’re drafting animals that have achieved fame through the internet. For the purposes of the draft age will be of no concern, so a dead cat that plays the keyboard is fair game. Continue after the jump for two rounds of KSK picks, then make your own in the comment section.

1. Flubby: Cool Dog

I want the cool Shiba Inu; whose relaxed, devil-may-care attitude makes us all feel a little less stressed.

2. Tillman the bulldog

This is the only time I find skateboarding enjoyable.

3. Ape – Maru

The champion of Team Cat and the occupy movement.

4. BDD – Feathers from Planet Unicorn

I guess I never said no cartoons.

5. CC – Lobster Dog

6. CC – Mambo Dog

7. BDD – Trampoline Bear

8. Ape – Julia Roberts-hating husky

9. UM – The swimming pigs of the Bahamas

All of them. Even if it means building a cay in my backyard.

10. Flubby – Terminator dog

Draft recap: Drew isn’t much of a pet person. He finishes the draft with a drawing of a fictional animal and the bear he saw on PTI. Lofty pets. Caveman wound up with his favorite boob-less thing on the internet and one of his Facebook friends. Ape shocks the world by picking a non-feline to go with Maru, and Flubby lands a pair of pretty badass dogs himself. I can rest easy knowing I have the bulldog of my dreams, plus an endless supply of bacon (if it comes to that).

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