Most Overrated: Lady Gaga

08.14.09 8 years ago 43 Comments

Lady Gaga is the most overrated, at least according to the usually respectable

On their list of the 20 Most Over-Rated Acts Ever, Gaga came in top-ranking, which is odd considering she just popped up on the scene this year. Surely, Elvis could have garnered the two top slots in a “ever” list.

Other names included were Lily Allen (lies), Eminem (uhh..yeah, maybe), Madonna (enh..yeah), Guns N’ Roses (Early on? No. The past twenty years? Yes) Kanye West (lies), U2 (lies) Coldplay (Hold Jay-Z back!) & Michael Jackson (Hold me back!).

While I think this was based on fan voting, it only goes to prove one thing: Lists ain’t nothing but a sandwich.

20 Most Over-Rated Acts Ever [NME]

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