Lil’ Cease – “Letter To B.I.G.”

01.21.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

I got gripes with this joint for a number of reasons.

–It actually may be better than Jada’s record.

–How did Busta Rhymes inspire him to do this when he had “x” amount of years with B.I.G. or it’s in similar format to Jada’s?

–Why now???

Last time anyone heard from Cease, he was on some bullshit, Riot Musik, or something. Now the Notorious movie drops, and all of a sudden he’s opening his diary to talk to Frank. Cease’s debut (and only) album, The Wonderful World Of Cease-A-Leo didn’t have anything remotedly as heartfelt as this.

I guess an eulogy has no expiraton date. Too bad it came with such predictable timing.

Lil’ Cease – “Letter To B.I.G.”

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