Lil Wayne Delivers 30-Minute PSA On His Legacy And Steve Jobs

10.08.11 6 years ago 55 Comments

So, Lil Wayne talks for 30 minutes. It’s going to be inexplicable rambling and nonsensical quotables, right? Not necessarily.

Okay, there are some unforgettable lines like his reason for grabbing a guitar: “My reason for picking up that guitar cause I wanted to learn how to play that motherf*cking guitar and sing to a woman.”

He says “to”…but I kind of think he meant to say “like”.

Anyway, Weezy actually kind of waxes poetic about the drank, his legacy and the Lil Wayne “machine”. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you should take a look. It’s a rare look at Dwayne Carter minus the drug-induced accoutrements.

[Derrick G.]

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