So, Who Wants To Buy Lil Wayne’s Sex Tape?

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09.21.15 9 Comments
Lil Wayne

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For all the sex and below-the-navel tongue tickling Lil Wayne loves rapping out, it’s hard to believe he’s made it this far in his career without a sex tape leaking. That streak may be coming to an end, though, as footage of the rapper engaging in intercourse is reportedly being shopped around.

According to TMZ, someone’s selling a sex tape featuring Wayne in a threesome with two women. The website claims Wayne is completely naked in the video, save for some socks he’s wearing since that’s how real men have sex. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne had no idea he was being filmed and is not down with his lovemaking skills being hotel PPV fodder across the country. His reps tell TMZ they’ll sue “the hell out of anyone” who leaks the tape.

As I learned on Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” the only way Wayne will make a sextape is if “your b*tch” is the co-star. So unless these women of ill repute were girlfriends of some poor saps, it’s unlikely Wayne will ever co-sign the tape’s release. And without the co-sign, major porn companies probably won’t be jumping at the chance to buy for fear of a lawsuit. A blessing in disguise really.

(Via TMZ)

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