Outasight – “Everything” x “Life Or Something Like It” Video

05.18.11 7 years ago

After having a couple (more than usual), me and my old lady got into it last weekend. Such instances are few and far between these days, but still a given in any legit relationship founded on rocks. Either way, relatively afterwords I listened to Outasight’s “Everything” – a Talking-Heads-evocation-of-sorts, musically – and I couldn’t help but notice how many similarities existed between the song’s irked lyrics and my stance on that particular argument.

Then I listened a few days removed from the heat of the moment and found the reverse to be possible. In all actuality, the limitless expectations lacing the New Yorker’s sing-song flow in this could-be single were indeed applicable to me as well. I’m just as unreasonable as she is. Maybe that’s why the song – and quite frankly the entire Figure 8 EP – is so enjoyable. It’s applicable to everyone.

Outasight – “Everything”

As an extra, check Outasight’s most recent video release, “Life Or Something Like It,” to accompany the EP.

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