Loogit All Them Purdy NFL Pictures

04.20.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

At least the kid died with a creepy mustache.

I know we’re all wrapped up in such pressing developments as the Ravens signing Curtis Painter, the Niners finally breaking ground on their super futuristic stadium and Brian Urlacher and Jenny McCarthy officially becoming an item, but better to spend a slow off-season Friday morning (one that just so happens to be 4/20) looking at examples of actually well-done NFL illustrations, these done by graphic designer Gyula Németh, who has worked with the Boston Bruins, as well as new J.T. O’Sullivan Canadian footballing squadron, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Sure, it’s not terribly high on the laughter quotient, but I figure it’s worth it to put some culture in your blinkered existence. Hey, I ain’t no art cricket, but I know what will bide time until this week’s mock draft is ready.

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Ah, the days before Roger Goodell and Whole Foods, when a defensive end didn’t have to worry about buying “cruelty-free” quarterback legs.

The married woman Belichick is banging sure has a lot of play schematics on her wallpaper.

At last, someone had the courage to draw attention to the genetic defect that causes the Matthews men to be born without eyeballs.

Couple more available at the artist’s website.

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