Lookin’ Good, Ryan Leaf

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It wouldn’t be right if there were about to be a draft topped by two highly sought-after quarterbacks and Ryan Leaf didn’t show up to cast the horrible specter of the consequences of choosing the wrong guy. It’s a little troubling that JaMarcus Russell hasn’t had more purple drank incidents of late, because with the amount of hard living that Leaf is doing, we’re not gonna have him around that much longer to ridicule.

Leaf was arrested early Monday, his second arrest in four days. With the latest arrest, he’s likely to be spending some extended time behind bars, thus keeping him out of his rightful place in Jesse Pinkman’s drug den.

Leaf arrest’s on Friday was the result of a monthlong investigation that started with a tip that Leaf had been receiving small, rattling c.o.d. packages at the post office worth $500 or more once or twice a week.

A search of Leaf and his pickup truck turned up 28 oxycodone pills, a narcotic for which Leaf does not have a prescription, Hickman said. The label on an empty prescription bottle also found in Leaf’s golf bag was made out to an acquaintance, who told police that Leaf entered his house without permission on Thursday and stole the bottle, which contained about 15 pills.

Three days after posting a $76,000 bond, Leaf has been arrested again, for a burglary that allegedly occurred on Sunday. We’re willing to guess it had something to do with prescription drugs. MAYBE. Because Leaf has a probation violation charge, he can’t be released from jail on bond. The district attorney in the Texas county where Leaf had been paroled is seeking a motion to revoke Leaf’s probation.

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