Man Orders Brady Fathead, Receives Tebow Fathead

06.05.13 5 years ago 16 Comments


Don’t you hate it when you order a life-size print of a dude to hang on your wall and creepily leer at for hours on end, but the company sends you the wrong one? Oh, that is just THE WORST. That’s exactly what happened to a man who ordered a Tom Brady Fathead and instead received a Tim Tebow Fathead in the mail. He thought he was going to be able the ogle Dreamboat on the wall of his den, but what awaited him was the empty gaze of the Jesusback, judging him for desiring to gaze upon another man.


The company even has his order correct on the receipt.

That’s a harsh experience. And a valuable lesson. Namely, don’t order a goddamn Fathead. What’s wrong with you?

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