Maurice Jones Drew Possesses the Confidence Of a Much Taller Man

06.28.12 6 years ago 13 Comments


MJD is angling for a big contract from Jacksonville, so naturally he took to a radio station in Denver to pump up his bona fides. On the topic of Emmitt Smith’s seemingly insubmersible rushing record, MJD had this to say.

I think it’s doable. I definitely think it’s doable.

So what if he is already more than 2,000 yards off of Emmitt’s pace? Who cares that he’s essentially gained three yards for every four gained by the NFL’s all-time rushing leader through six seasons? And whose says he can’t stay healthy and effective enough to average 1277 yards over the next 9 years? If MJD says something is doable, it’s doable, damn it.

Of course he’s not delusional. MJD knows that Emmitt had a pretty cushy setup in Dallas.

Emmitt Smith was in a different situation than a lot of us, though. I mean, he had a Hall of Fame receiver, Hall of Fame quarterback, Hall of Fame offensive line, Hall of Fame fullback. Whoever put that team together did a heck of a job, and it just showed.

Jesus. Shahid Khan needs to pay him, if for no other reason than to get him to stop talking for a while.

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