Mohamed Sanu Got Pranked During the Draft

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Last night, during the first round of the NFL Draft, Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu received a call from a Bengals official telling him the team was about to select him with the 27th overall pick. So, Sanu was understandably surprised when Roger Goodell sauntered up to the podium and said Kevin Zeitler’s name instead. It turns out that Sanu had been the victim of an especially goonish prank phone call, as confirmed by his agent on Twitter:

Very cruel prank call to a Sanu tonight – very sad that someone would do that. My apologies to the twitter world for my tweet.

[phone rings]

Mohamed Sanu: Hello?

Voice on Telephone: [over background laughter] Yeah, hello. Is this Mohamed Sanu?

Mohamed Sanu: Speaking.

Voice on Telephone: [muffles receiver with palm, says “Yo shutupshutup, it’s him”] Yeah, uh, this the Bengals. I mean, uh, this is Steve. Steve Bengals. Of the Cincinnati Bengals. You don’t know me.

Mohamed Sanu: Wait .. your name is Steve Bengals? And you work for the Bengals?

Steve Bengals: Uh … yes?

Mohamed Sanu: Oh, pleasure to meet you, Steve. What can I do for you?

Steve Bengals: [room erupts in laughter, “Steve” muffles the receiver and shushes everyone] We’re gonna draft you now.

Mohamed Sanu: That’s great news! I thought I was going in the second round.

Steve Bengals: Yup. Definitely gonna draft you, or my name isn’t Steve Bengals. I’ll have someone send over the papers for you t- [someone in the room shouts “Shit, Brayden! Get off the phone, my mom’s home! Hide the alcohol!”]

Mohamed Sanu: Hey, who was that?

Brayden “Steve Bengals” Goonsington: Oh nobody. It was nobody. Birds, probably. [Voice in backround: “Brayden, I said GET OFF THE PHONE. Oh no, she’s coming downstairs. We’re so busted.”] Hey listen, Mohamed, I gotta go.

Mohamed Sanu: OK, Mr. Bengals. This is such an honor. Thanks again. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the team as soon as possi-

Brayden Goonsington: BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY HOWARD STERN’S PENIS. [hangs up]

Mohamed Sanu: [looks at cell phone, confused] Man, my agent wasn’t lying. The Bengals are a mess.

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