Elle Varner Feat. T-Pain & Wale – “Refill (Remix)”

05.09.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

For the past month and change, Elle Varner’s “Refill” has had a consistent appearance on my local radio stations. And for the past month and change, I’ve always found myself vibing out to the song without the first clue of who the singer was. For that, my apologies to Samir who has been the only one taking the time to post Elle around these parts. “Refill” is one of my favorite records of the moment – even as some of my good lady friends attempted to tell me otherwise. Needless to say, upon hearing there was remix floating around with T-Pain and Wale, I felt intrigued to hear the end result.

In some cases, adding additional artists to a song that’s already dope on its own merit can be a clusterf*ck. T-Pain’s presence, however, is a welcomed addition as the former go-to hook man of the industry brings his care-free, autotuned energy which probably would have this remix become a bigger hit had this been yesteryear. Folarin, on the other hand, uses a subdued verse with a sample of quotables directed to the fairer sex working more than admirably.

My friends may not be happy with my decision, and that’s fine. They’ll love me at the end of the day regardless. That still doesn’t erase the fact this remix could catch fire and spawn into a nice tune which’ll live throughout these next few summer months.

Elle Varner Feat. T-Pain & Wale – “Refill (Remix)”


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