Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back”

04.04.11 7 years ago 49 Comments

After glossing it over about three times and finally coming back to listen out of curiosity, three things just happened upon listening to Officer Ross’ and Meek Mill’s latest offering from Self-Made Vol. 1.

1. Worldwide, fans of Tupac shook their heads at Rozay piecing together keyword phrases from the legend’s career for the only chorus flow he knows. Those same fans then simultaneously turned off “Tupac’s Back” by the playing of the second hook.

2. Meek further reinforced the notion that he sounds like Diddy when spitting and is by far the least capable member of the Maybach Music Family.

3. Those of us who were somewhat interested in MMG’s first compilation album – because of their recent and quality free-agent signings – are now remembering why we could’ve cared less beforehand.

Oh, and, for anyone that actually did see Rick Ross in public and think “Look, it’s the new Tupac,” please me shoot me your address. I’d like to send you anthrax.


Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross – “Tupac Back”

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