Nas – “Bye Baby”

07.09.12 6 years ago 44 Comments

Saying Nas has made his fair share of questionable decisions – in music, life, women, hell, take your pick – is an understatement. Yet his decision-making reflects no differently from anyone else reading these words and has their own skeletons hanging in the closet, except that his choices have been on display in bright lights since he popped up on the scene in his late teens. The cool thing about Nasir is that he’s always managed to make a song or at least dedicated a few bars to fessing up for mistakes made and “Bye Baby” falls into the “yeah, I may have messed up” category.

Calling on Aaron Hall’s voice from Guy’s “Goodbye Love,” Nas addresses his ex with the green dress, Kelis. Instead of spending four minutes calling her everything but a child of God (which would’ve been entertaining if he had pulled a RZA-styled “Domestic Violence rant rap), Nasty actually paints a picture of a pretty admirable wife, one who was willing to fight cops for him and blessed him with a child. Hell, Kelis has huge tax problems of her own so she could probably give two shits about the song. But we do, and we find something admirable in God’s Son decision to take the high road.

Nas – “Bye Baby” (Prod. By Salaam Remi & Noah “40? Shebib)


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