Usher & Diplo Feat. Joe Budden – “Climax (Remix)”

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The Internet at my house has been slower than a Kurt Thomas and Erick Dampier fast break for about the past three weeks. Because of the slow speeds, my music intake suffered, but kudos to Haris Fazlani for the heads up of Joe Budden’s remix to Usher and Diplo’s “Climax.”

Raymond and Mouse became cult legends in their respective genres for making very private matters public via their music. It’s almost as if their dissolved relationships formed even tighter bonds with fans and while both veered away their bread and butter at times, the invitation to sulk right back into that dark corner remains. I mean, sh*t, this may be the best song Usher’s dropped in awhile. The easy cop out is to compare anything he does to the Confessions-era, yet “Climax” is a defiant example Puffy’s former protege still has the ability to crank out an overly emotional and insightful record that has no vested interest in a dance floor or Justin Bieber Billboard dominating collaboration.

Meanwhile, Joey’s as comfortable as ever speaking to a past love who’s probably better left in the past (Tahiry?). Budden’s emergence into one of the more prolific social media rappers around has always been met with a side eye, mainly from a selfish standpoint. The strong feature of his repertoire centered around the fact his life was mysterious and the pitfalls were always met with a veil of surprise. Credit it to the penalty of nothing being private anymore, that luxury is no longer afforded as nowadays Twitter has a topic trending worldwide before he can even grace the studio. But when he’s dropping knowledge like this, 140 characters and a hashtag serve as no competition.

“At times I think we could start over
Re-do both our parts over
Re-do both our parts sober
My hand be your heart’s coaster
But she say, ‘fore she ever give, me and her a shot to try and work again
That I almost gotta guarantee
That I promise she’ll never be hurt again
But one minute here then it’s one gone
Throwbacks like herringbone
Now you letting Terry bone
Look please don’t compare me to holmes
Hopefully this’ll be the last time
But it’s definitely not the first
Been learned when you hold em’ up too high
It’ll just make the drop worse…”

There’s no shame in my game. The “Climax (Remix)” has been on repeat since it finally finished downloading. As a word of warning, however, show caution if listening to this while on the sauce. Some people just aren’t built to enter “Marvin’s Room,” you know.

Usher & Diplo Feat. Joe Budden – “Climax (Remix)”

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