NFL potty-mouths embarrass league, themselves

03.25.10 8 years ago 47 Comments

WARNING: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS THE F-WORD, THE S-WORD, GD’s & MO-FO’s. Yes, they are beeped out, but you can still make out the cuss words. Under no circumstances should pregnant women or the faint of heart watch this video.


For some reason Maxim Magazine Dot Com thought it would be “funny” to get some of the NFL’s most notorious players to say a bunch of swears. Look, I’m no prude. In fact, just last week I watched a Bruce Willis movie. But this guttertalk is beyond the pale. Let’s name the offenders, so we can establish a “rogue’s gallery” and know who to boycott next season.

Percy Harvin – Probably so high on “the dope” that he isn’t even aware of the filth that’s spewing from his mouth. Obviously a season under the wing of Brett the Great was for naught.

Shawne Merriman – Very out of character. I thought you were better than this, Shawne.

Jared Allen – I’ve always considered him to be a “roughneck”. Not surprised to learn he uses crass vulgarities.

Shaun Alexander – Talking like that won’t help you find a job, unless you want work as a stevedore.

Miles Austin – Okay maybe calling this language triple x-rated was a scosh extreme, but it’s at least double X-rated.

Mark Sanchez – Shame on you Maxim Magazine, it’s not funny to trick foreigners into saying bad things. They probably told Sanchez that word means “amigo” in English. I hope Coach Ryan doesn’t find out about his quarterback’s use of profanity.

Josh Cribbs – Looks like a “rapper”. Talks like a “rapper”.

Eli Manning – Surely Eli was roped into this video under false pretenses. He would never lend his good name to a tawdry publication that features bare midriffs and glorifies the feminine hindquarters in such a lascivious manner.

I realize the irony of berating such talk when some of my “KSKohorts” are known use “blue” language. However, I am my own man and will continue to “tell it like it is”.

On a more pleasant note, thanks to all of you who have welcomed me back to KSK with open arms. The response has been truly overwhelming.

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