Question Of The Day: How Much Do You Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy?

02.29.12 6 years ago 64 Comments

I never knew people were so cheap or so apt to tempt fate until a conversation with a friend led to my discovery that people risk their lives frequently. Case in point: said friend’s notion that the pizza delivery person should only receive a tip of $1, no more than $2. In the Gotty™ house, we usually throw the deliverer of divine, doughy goodness at least $3 or the equivalent of 10-15% but maybe $4 if I’m sitting on several singles and feeling really kind. Throwing them a buck seems mighty disrespectful and a reason for them to flick a booger into my next order.

A few Twitter friends have already weighed in and included their location, because that seems relevant IMO. In the South, everything goes by automobile but maybe in NYC a delivery person pulls up on a bike so there’s no gas wasted thus lower expenses. Hillside, NJ seems mighty affluent since one Twitter follower indicated they give $5-7. So I turn to you, dear readers, and ask how much do you tip the pizza guy*?

*I’ve never seen a pretty pizza delivery girl. They all look like their bodies are padded by layers of pizza dough.

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