Question Of The Day: Kidada Or Rashida Jones?

03.29.12 6 years ago 65 Comments

Quincy Jones concocted his fair share of hits and classics over his incredible career. However his greatest creations came in tandem with ex-wife Peggy Lipton. I’m talking about Kidada and Rashida Jones people! One’s the geeky, “Wow, you look great!”-type pretty chick you regret clowning in high school while the other is the bad senior who turned heads in all the hallways. Time’s been generous to them and they’re not celebrity kid burnouts either: all the more reason to keep them on your radars.

Now for the question to win the Internet. Which Jones sister would you wife up if you were so fortunate to choose? And before you answer, I don’t want to see any of this, “Why decide, I’d bag both!” malarkey. Any man with half a brain would make that obvious call. Pick one, explain your selection and check out. This is Question of The Day; not Sizzler.

An extra comparison flick should make the choice that much more difficult. You’re welcome.

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