Shocker: LSU Prospect Is Poor Test Taker

04.03.12 6 years ago 31 Comments

LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne has reportedly scored a four on the Wonderlic, which would tie him for the lowest score ever on the test with former Iowa State running back Darren Davis, who ended up having a perfectly unremarkable career in the CFL. Apparently a certain Mawmaw’s gumbo recipe calls for heavy use of paint chips.

Because performance on the Wonderlic has been shown to have little, if any, correlation to future results as a pro (Mike Mamula got a near perfect 49, Matt Leinart got a 35 and Dan Marino scored a 15) the leaking of the scores accomplishes little besides giving dickhead mental midget sports pundits a reason to feel falsely superior to the athletes they spend all their time covering and being outstripped by financially.

Case in point: Florio’s “Claiborne gives birth to a four on the Wonderlic” headline. Way to knock someone’s intelligence by deploying a headline pun that high school newspapers wouldn’t use on their schlockiest day.

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