Suh And Gronk Are Gonna Be TV Dating (Not Each Other, Sadly)

05.09.12 6 years ago 17 Comments

“Hi, my name is Rob. I’m into Zubaz, partying rocking, crushing it, jizz blasting and taking the virginity of evangelical quarterbacks.”

Ideally, that will be a line we get at some point on “The Choice”, a new celebrity dating show that Fox has lined up to fill time during the desolate summer months. Along with half the cast of “Jersey Shore” (always presages good things), the show has already gotten Ndamukong Suh and Rob Gronkowski to commit to participate. This must mean that “Dancing With The Stars” has lost its exclusive license for NFL players appearing in reality shows.

UPDATE: Looks like Warren Sapp has agreed to take part as well. Between this and his new judge show, Sapp is primed to be the new king of trash TV.

In the show, which debuts June 7, everyday contestants are given a chance to win a date with their famous counterparts. The contestants are paired down over three rounds until each celebrity – four appear each episode – blindly chooses a date for the evening.

Well, this could be a little bit of NFL-relevant mindless fun during the otherwise barren wasteland of the post-draft off-season. I like the potential for Gronk to bro our minds when having to seduce a contestant on-screen. Let’s hope that whoever lands Suh is a sub, because they might as well enjoy their experience getting stomped on.

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