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03.21.10 25 Comments

I didn’t want to crash anybody’s browser by including all the video footage that’s been compiled thus far. So a few were chosen just to highlight some of what was witness @ SXSW, both on our stage as well as the stages of others (shouts to 2DB, Hip-HopDX, Duck Down and others). Again, the best I can suggest is to check out the YouTube channel and subscribe because there’s already 25+ clips added in the past 24 hours and still more to come. J. Cole, Rockwell Knuckles, Freddie Gibbs, Pill, David Dallas, Buff1, Killer Mike, Smif-N-Wessun, Sean Price, etc etc et. al. Also, lock in the TSS Vimeo channel because there’s a special presentation done in conjunction with Yours Truly – the same team who previously filmed remarkably slick clips of Freddie Gibbs – that we’ll be uploading there.

Now pardon while I search for a misplaced SD card or two.

Real talk. Wiz and Curren$y possess a combined following that deifies both artists’ sativa-saturated rhymes. On Thursday, I think Wiz hit the GOP stages @ approximately 4pm and ripped it. Late late Friday night, I stumbled across him and Spitta holding down the Firehouse stage well after closing time, sweat-drenched and zoned…and so was the crowd too.

The default performance to include here would have been “Simon Says,” but that was too easy. As the latest signee to indy label’s already strong roster, Pharoahe took the Duck Down showcase stage and gave off one of the most energetic performances I saw all weekend. So much so that it was hard choosing between “My Life,” “Let’s Go,” “Desire” and “Oh No” as the video to include here.

Sidebar — I’ll have to find a picture of the guy filming because his jacket > anything in Craig Sager’s closet.

The Dopeboyz Smoker’s Club party was held in a closet-sized venue, which helped with the ambiance/frustration (depending on who you asked). What wasn’t up for debate was Devin’s rundown of his hits and contributions. “Fuck You” performed lived? *Crosses another item off the bucket list*

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