The Case Of The Steeler Banner Bandit

06.05.12 6 years ago 34 Comments

Libby Kavoulakis, a woman who lives in the well-to-do Cleveland Park neighborhood of D.C., has had four Pittsburgh Steelers banners stolen from her home over the course of the past six years. After one of the banners was stolen in 2009, an anonymous person (read: the thief screwing with her) called Kavowlakis to tell her to meet up at a local Whole Foods, where she would get info about the thefts. She complied and the person no-showed. Kavoulakis then installed security cameras at her house, which lied dormant until this past week, when the cameras caught someone taking a “You’re in Steelers Country” banner off the top of her garage.

One banner went missing in 2006, as the Steelers headed into the Super Bowl (they won). In 2009, another year that the Steelers proved victorious at the Super Bowl, two banners disappeared from Kavoulakis’ house — one from her garage, the other from her home’s second-story façade.

Other banners and flags in Kavoulakis’ neighborhood have remained seemingly without major mishap, said Kavoulakis, including Easter flags and flags printed with flowers — even banners for D.C.’s beloved Redskins.

“If they were a football fan, I don’t think they would steal the banner,” Kavoulakis said. “They would understand that it would mean something to somebody. It reminds me of home. When I have a tough day, it gives me strength and happiness.”

Yeaaaahhhhh, this woman isn’t too bright, or is at least she’s wholly unaware of the concept of haters and trolls. “Why ever would someone rip down the banner of a generally despised team in a city where they don’t play? Especially in years when said team is doing well? Clues. Must find clues!”

Say resident ‘Skins fan Kogod: “It’s also possible it’s somebody who lives in the expensive neighborhood who thinks Steeler signs are best left in the trailer park.” I’d say we have a suspect, but the person caught on camera has shorts on and Kogod is decidedly anti-shorts, even in the service of facilitating fan hate crimes.

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