Balls Deep In Love

01.11.10 8 years ago 29 Comments

Considering that I don’t have a DVR, Hulu is the best thing ever. I’m well aware that I can download missed episodes in ways my ISP would frown upon, but Hulu’s legal and, more importantly, let’s me stream. Instant freakin’ gratification baby! That’s why I wasn’t too bummed out about missing last night’s episode of The Cleveland Show because I caught up with it this morning. And since 9am, there’s been a constant battle in my head over a song Cleveland Brown, Jr (with help from Scottie Pippen) so beautifully sang. The aptly titled, “Balls Deep In Love.”

Please do not press play if you can’t afford to get it stuck in your head. It’s not a song you want to mumble to yourself in front of professional people.

Part of me wants to chop it up and replace my standard ringtone with it (it’s so muhfuckin soulful man! © Jay-z) and the other part is almost ashamed for finding “immature” sex jokes to be so damn comical. I mean, come on, balls deep in love? Come on! I also find fart jokes to be hilarious and that’s exactly why The Cleveland Show & Family Guy are favorites of mine. Anyway, I’m just happy that Seth & the gang continue to get shit like this on air. I’m still dying over Cleveland and his “Hmm, that’s one bald pussy” joke lol.

The Cleveland Show: Love Rollercoaster [Hulu]

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