The Colts Want There To Be Crazy Nine-Point Touchdowns

03.18.15 3 years ago 59 Comments



The NFL Competition Committee is meeting this week, with the biggest concern being what they will do about the Calvin Johnson Rule that continues to frustrate everyone. The answer to that, it seems, is not a whole lot, as it’s been reported that the committee is not planning to ditch the rule, only tweak it slightly.

Just because the important changes to the game aren’t happened doesn’t mean the usual business of NFL teams proposing crazy rule changes that will never happen. Today, the Colts came through with a doozy: the chance to try an extra point from midfield if a team scores a touchdown and converts a two-point conversion.

There’s no denying this would be a tremendous and completely nutty change. Like, if you converted the two-point conversion, why wouldn’t you try the long kick, even if you have no faith in your kicker? It’s not like the other team could burn an Auburn on you if your kicker missed because the extra points and two-point conversions are blown dead in the NFL if there’s a turnover.

Ultimately, it’s just another pie-in-the-sky rule change that might make the game more fun if only it was given the chance. Too bad.

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