The Dolphins Are Dumb

05.04.12 43 Comments

Based on the vomit-soaked poop kabobs the Dolphins have rolled out at quarterback over the last few years, it comes as no surprise that they have been in the market for a new signal caller. Former second round pick Chad Henne doesn’t appear to be a long-term solution, so the team set its sights on some of the top prospects at the position in this year’s draft. Unfortunately, they ended up with the 8th overall pick, meaning highly-touted quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III would be long gone, and they would have to choose from the next level of players, including eventual pick Ryan Tannehill. Well DON’T YOU WORRY, Dolphins fans, GM Jeff Ireland has some good news for you: he thinks Tannehill is just as good as that RGIII guy.

While the Dolphins move to draft Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 pick was predictable for Miami — though it wasn’t given great reviews by observers — it seems that some of the fanbase, which has dwindled significantly, seems excited about the newest quarterback in Miami Gardens.

And Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland can understand why. When comparing Tannehill and eventual No. 2 pick Robert Griffin III in the months leading up to the draft, he didn’t see much difference between the two.

“I didn’t see a huge separation between Griffin and Ryan at the time,” Ireland told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. “I just didn’t see it.” [CBS Sports]

Other things Jeff Ireland doesn’t see a huge separation between:

– Kate Upton and Courtney Stodden
– “Mad Men” and “The Playboy Club”
– A bottle of Pappy Van Winkle and a bucket of week-old gasoline
– Jay-Z and Drake
– A Western omelette and an omelette stuffed with napkins
– Dogs and cats
– iPhones and Blackberrys
The Dark Knight and Batman and Robin
– The Blue Haired Lawyer and Lionel Hutz
– The Grand Canyon and his buttcrack

And so on and so forth.

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